BPW Europe Manifesto

BPW Europe Manifesto

“More Gender Equality, Rights and Opportunities in the future of Europe”

Call of Business Professional Women (BPW) Europe to the candidates for the 2019 European Elections

We want to ensure that all Women in Europe reach equal rights and opportunities in business and all professions.

Women represent half of the population but are not yet proportionally represented in Equal Pay for Equal Work, Boards, Decision-making and leadership in Europe.

The 2017 EIGE Gender Equality Index[1] shows over 10 years’ snail’s pace progress in reducing the inequality gap between women and men across the 28 EU Member States. This is also illustrated in the European Commission 2018 Report on equality between women and men in the EU[2] and Fact Sheets of the European Union[3]. Responding to these challenges requires a collective approach between decision-makers, politicians, civil society and businesses.

BPW Europe supports EWL 50/50 Campaign for the European Election.

What we want?       

  • Ø A Europe that can ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work between Women and Men


  • Ø A Europe that can obtain work life balance for Women and Men supported by incentives, infrastructures, policies and laws
  • Ø A Europe that can realise women’s equality in political decision-making and on Boards


  • Ø A Europe that can empower women in their professional and leadership  potential


  • Ø A Europe that can guarantee equal economic independence for all women


  • Ø A Europe free from discrimination and harassment against women at work
  • Ø A Europe that can allocate and implement gender responsive budgets to realise women’s rights and equality at all levels
  • Ø A Europe that represents Women in economic, civil and political life

Who we are?

  • Ø Business Professional Women (BPW) International was founded in 1930 in Geneva. It has grown to an international network of 30000 members in 100 countries. BPW Europe is the strongest region with 20,000 members in Europe. BPW is a Founder Member of the European Women Lobby (EWL) and is accredited to the Council of Europe with a consultative status. BPW has obtained a consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1947. BPW develops the professional, business and leadership potential of women through skill building, networking, advocacy and mentoring around the world. For more information, contact BPW Europe – http://bpw-europe.org .


Giuseppa (Pinella) Bombaci

Regional Coordinator BPW Europe

(2017 – 2020)

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